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What I like about some of my pics?

Journal Entry: Sat May 29, 2010, 4:40 PM
I got sorta bored of my previous journal, so have to write a new one. First, I congradulate my friends and colleagues for their recent DDs:

Balsara being the model for this portrait:

Mature Content

Aenima by vakial

and PetriW who is a Finnish music photographer and he got great style for emotional shots, usually performed in the most complicated conditions. Thanks for being such a great help in all that concert photography issues.

Mokoma III by PetriW

What I Like About My Pics
I try to think about how a viewer would see in my pictures, and what exacly I want to deliver.

Anemone, a character, is actually a weird, psych girl. And, she is also an alien. In this shot we did'nt make her to do hysterics, but I like the etherial look of calm, spaced out girl with a flower, staying behind strong crossed bars. To reach character's heart was an impossible task, and she also was an elite soldier, so getting to and getting past her was impossible for the most men. Yet she's fragile.

Lamb of God by onkami
This guy just look epic and the smoke adds intence to the pic. Look, I am a metal elder.

Behemoth - Nergal by onkami
Like the Negal's glare. The best caption was give by my viewer: "He detected my soul and is going to take it!". I like strong glares and suspended poses, energy is there but it is burning inside.

Before the Dawn VI by onkami
Lars and The World. Sound is broadcasted in a largest Finnish club Teatria as the bassist of Before The Dawn oversees the audience, as audiense is enfolded with blue light and some slow coda of another melodic death metal piece.

Apocalyptica at SOA IV by onkami
It is the best, when your picture is a story, a fairy tale. Some paraphrase of reality. Here I see the smoke of Sauna Open Air to resembe snow or a cold fog, the lights are gone and the reality of the picture is cold and windy. And there is Eicca, soloing some deep, soul-thrilling sounds as you used to hear from Apocalyptica.

Well, enough. Can not really tell whether it is good to shamelessly interpret my own pics and whether the idea of writing this in deep night was any good (I hate being too pathetic in writing). Perhaps next journal would be about impressions about someone else.

Trembling petals of sakura II by onkami :thumb163993955: :thumb162068372:

Sepultura II by onkami Behemoth - Nergal by onkami Sepultura - we're on fire by onkami Sebastian Bach by onkami Lamb of God by onkami Atheist at Jalometalli by onkami   Apocalyptica at SOA IV by onkami Soilwork at SOA by onkami Amorphis at SOA by onkami Profane Omen at SOA by onkami Finntroll at SOA by onkami The Final Harvest by onkami Amorphis III by onkami Before the Dawn VIII - Silence by onkami   Francine III by onkami   Before the Dawn VI by onkami Marco Hietala, Tarot at JMW by onkami Kamelot I by onkami Sotajumala at Jalometalli I by onkami Mayhem at Jalometalli II by onkami Mokoma at TUSKA 2008 - I by onkami Fields of the Nephilim - II by onkami Sotajumala at JMW I by onkami Nightwish at TUSKA 2008 - I by onkami Alice Cooper II by onkami Nightwish X - Anette and Marco by onkami AlisA - SDK MAI I by onkami AlisA - singer and crowd by onkami Before The Dawn II by onkami

Lansur Featured By Owner May 30, 2010
[офф] твой журнал "порвал мне ленту" :XD:
GIVEthemHORNS Featured By Owner May 30, 2010
No, it's not shameless at all. If anyone else is allowed to comment on your pics, why aren't you?
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